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Apples and Teachers


It is a long-standing fact that apples have been associated with teachers. Never in all my years of school did I give a fresh apple to any of my teachers. My mother would always give presents to our elementary school teachers at Christmas and sometimes at the end of the school year; although we weren’t in the habit of giving fresh fruit. I decided to ask the question; Why are apples associated with teachers? 

  • A teacher’s salary was barely enough to live on, especially in the small prairie towns, so to say thank you for a job well done parents would send apples to school to give to the teacher.
  • Apples were a present when no other gift could be presented.
  • Apples come in different colors and represent children in their varieties of sizes.
  • Apples grow from the strongest branches on the tree after being cultivated and nurtured and just as children are cultivated and nurtured with education they become strong of mind and wisdom.
Being that the 2011/2012 school year is almost at an end will you be giving a present to your child’s teacher.  Will it be some type of apple? 



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