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Rebecca Camarena is a virtual book tour coordinator with  Pump Up Your Book.  She is a freelance writer and writer for hire in Southern California with a background in Journalism and Literature.  She has interviewed the former Mayor of Los Angeles, Sam Yorty, who was mayor in the 1970;s. Her published articles cover a variety of topics from health, weddings, book reviews and animals.

Published Articles
Wedding Compass - Ice Spectacular
Wedding Compass - Love is Sweet
Wedding Compass - Your Vows
 I do have more articles that are not yet live on the website. Please contact for samples of my writing.

Writer for Hire - My Dog is a Hero Book (children's book ) Chapter One and Book Proposal
Marshall Editions
Please contact me for chapter and book proposal excerpts

My Essays
My Writing Companion - Spencer the Dog guest posting at Grouchy Puppy Blog

My Short Story
A Chance to Love One More

My Blogs
Paperback Writer - Books and Author Interviews
Dogs Rule Cats Drool
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